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Having a bit of fun here at Nomadic Running HQ and have asked around to see what people would like this year. A few ideas for those of you looking to grab a last minute present for a trail running enthusiast (or yourself). Most can be found on the high street and online with some still providing a before Christmas delivery service if you're quick.

1: Socks! Yes, that’s right, the Christmas classic. As trail runners you tear through socks quicker than your average person. Replenishing these will never disappoint the recipients and be a practical addition to the wardrobe, more so than say an elf outfit or Christmas pudding jumper.

2: Headtorch - In the middle of winter it gets dark early, a headtorch can make running more accessible during these months and provide a little extra safety. Always handy to have and one of the first things to pack for any adventure.

Some ideas to cover all price ranges:

3: Food treats- That’s right who doesn't enjoy some of their favourite treats whilst running. Create a trail running hamper full of extra calories and deliciousness. Possible things to include energy bars, hydration tablets, coconut water, flapjacks, kombucha.

4: Gift cards - Buy an event gift card. Give your loved once an experience and something to look forward to in the coming months, often more rewarding than any of the other items. View our range of gift cards here.

5: Foam roller and massage ball (dog ball) A go to set of tools to help ease those muscle pains from longer trail runs. Look for a roller that is nobbly over smooth. And a firm dog ball is just as good as a massage ball at a fraction of the cost. Just don’t let on that it's intended use. Both can be picked up online or usually found in local running/outdoor/pet shops.

6: Books - Another classic, we have a previous list of some of our favourites here. I’d also include; What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami

7: Plant Based nutrition - a high quality product here is best, readily assimilated into the body and providing you with the building blocks of recovery. There are plenty of brands that are out now but these two often receive rave reviews.

8: Balance board, ball or hedgehog domes The ball option provides a few more options when it comes to exercise but is somewhat bulky. The small board is ideal for use alone or in conjunction with an elasticated exercise band. Similarly to that of the hedgehog pod (note this is different to a spiky massage ball).

9: Kettlebells - two should cover most people's needs but working out the appropriate weight is a little tricky (you may have to subtly ask some questions). About a 4kg difference between the two is what you are after. If expense is not an issue the cast iron ones tend to have a more ergonomic grip and are slightly smaller size wise, for the equivalent weight, making them a tad easier to use. Shop around as they can be expensive.

10: Foot balm - Treat you loved once feet with soothing foot balm after miles on the trails.

11: Mini-first aid kit - The best we’ve come across and use on all our trips are Adventure Medical Kit. Small ones like this are ideal for 1-2 person use.

12: Reusable cup - Reusable cups are both space saving and environmentally much more sustainable. With many races insisting on the item this is a great little present.

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