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These amazing destinations offer a true trail running exploration. Further flung than the retreats these are set up to take you on a 7-10 day trail running adventure. 4 or 5 days of running see you travel at a runners pace through magical landscapes experience local culture and a lifetime of memories. 

Caucasus explorer,


14-22 AUG 2021

100km trail running adventure in the Caucasus Mountains. If that's not enough, expect amazing valleys and high mountain tops with local hospitality on this multi-day adventure. Natural beauty in every direction we'll traverse from one village to next in a tale of trail running exploration...





We love exploring and taking people out on the trails. We try to cover a variety of options through our selected destinations but appreciate that everyone has a slightly different take on what the perfect trail running holiday looks like. We'll work with you to tailor a private trail running holiday to meet your group requirements. Be it one of our existing destinations or a spot you've always dreamed, we'll make it happen.


jewel of the middle east,


18-25 NOV 2021

An epic adventure into the Middle East. We travel lightly as one through the Jebel Akhdar mountain range. A nomadic  journey amongst traditional villages, deep into local wadi's and over mountains leaves you in awe. Joins us and experience having the trails to ourselves...

£ 1600

future destinations in progress


As a small independent company collaboration and community are at the heart of our internal decision making. If you have any suggestions or would like to be the first to hear about new destinations and ventures why not subscribe to our newsletter. 


Madeira island crossing,



This 7-day trip is an extended version of the retreat weekend we offer and has some truly amazing runs. Madeira an island praised for its inclement weather, nature reserves and irrigation system (Levadas) and has a lot to offer...

£ 850

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