We've joined forces with the magnificent TRIBE or all our nutritional needs. They've got all areas of sports nutrition covered:

- hydration

- energy & protein bars

- protein shakes. 

With great tasting natural products and a set of values that match are own we are super happy to have them on board. They will be providing products for all our multi-day events.​.

Camelbak - everyone know them for a reason.  The  front-runner and founder for the hydration backpack. These are excellent  for trail running and many other outdoor activities, allowing people to tackle any adventure you choose. These super versatile, lightweight and durable packs join us on every run allowing us to carry everything we need for a day on the trails.

We wouldn't go running out in some remote trails without one of these in our pack. These kits are specifically designed to meet the needs of outdoor adventurists.  

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