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Here at the Nomadic Running Company, running is a way of life. By escaping to some of the most beautiful trails in the world we pride ourselves on finding the perfect places to run, relax and unwind. Nomadic Running Company trail running retreats and adventures are just as much about the journey and experience as they are an active well balanced holiday. A great opportunity to meet like-minded people, share stories and enjoy te beautiful destinations. By combining our runs with stretching, nourishing food and rest, we take a holistic outlook on trail running.


During the retreat, guests are encouraged to listen to their body and set their own pace - if you're looking for a stunning place to rest and rejuvenate, we have it. If you just can't wait to fit in those extra few kilometres, we'll make it happen! 

Run away with us - step off the city streets and find the freedom of running in the wild. 



Whatever your shoe size, we have a trail running retreat or adventure to suit you. Are you just starting out? Looking to expand onto more adventurous trails? Or training for your next 100k race? Our trips offer guided runs, varying in difficulty and length so everyone has a chance to challenge themselves, or simply run away on an amazing holiday. You can take off your GPS, allow us to guide your adventure while you lose yourself in the location.

Keeping our group sizes small we are able to tailor our trips so that each person can get the full experience. Every trip is unique and has something different to offer.


Have a browse through our retreats and adventures, or contact us for advice on which trip will suit you best. 



You simply pack your kit, get yourself to your retreat or adventure location, and leave the rest up to us.

On a typical 4-day retreat you'll arrive at location on day 1, meet other guest and the team. Day 2 & 3 cover the bulk of the trail running and provide time to unwind in the afternoons. Day 4 is a gentle run, breakfast and farewell.

The adventures run slightly differently in the fact that the duration is longer and organised as a journey. We are usually further a field and often in more remote destinations. These still provide ample time to unwind and explore but are generally more trail running focused.


Each trip is unique so take a look at the overview section on each page. Some we recommend staying in the country a little longer to make the most of your time. Placing us amongst your holiday gives you more flexibility. 



As a team of experienced runners, practitioners and health enthusiasts the Nomadic Running Company aim to provide the perfect balance of activity, relaxation and fun.


The holidays are organised by Ruth and Kerran. Using his experience as a long distance runner and outdoor adventurer Kerran carefully plans and tests each trail, selecting the best runs in the area for each group. Meanwhile, Ruth is behind the scenes, as an expedition and adventure coordinator she leaves no rock un-turned to ensure every detail is carefully planned and thought through.

With a network of expert trail and mountain leaders, well-being practitioners, first aiders and nutritionists across the globe, we work with specialists and locals to make each trip tailored and unique.



The Nomadic Running Company was set up to help get people off the beaten track, into the mountains, and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Running wild and relaxing in amazing landscapes with a small group of like-minded folk. We move as one, embrace nature and all it has to offer, from the valley floor to mountain top and everything in between.

For us, creating spectacular trail running holidays for everyone to enjoy also helps highlight the importance of the environment and the role we play within it. We know that organising a trip has an environmental impact so we team up with local and international carbon offsetting programs. By donating a percentage of all our profits to carbon offsetting our guest's flights we mitigate the largest carbon contributor for our trips. It's something we can directly influence and think is important, in fact we deem this so important and realise that breaking even isn't going to cut it anymore so mitigate each of our guests flights x 2. 

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