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top 5 running books for you to enjoy

Here we try to cover a variety of books that all have something different to offer but equally as enjoyable. From technique to inspirational to life story these 5 books are all worthy of a read.

1: Running Man, Charlie Engle

This book is a great read that is light on the technical elements of running but instead uses the author Charlie's relationship with running to tell his life story. Something a bit different from the standard. Highly recommend.

2: Just a Little Run Around the World, Rosie Swale Pope

Not your average run! This is a truly epic adventure and you really feel the trials and tribulations that the author encounters. Putting in to perspective your personal situation and inspiring other to dream big, really big.

3: Born to Run, Christopher McDougall

A classic. Delve into the world of this north Mexican tribe who seem to hold the secrets of ultra-running. Put that with McDougall's conversational and engaging writing style and you have a great book.

4: Eat & Run, Scott Jurek

The story and life of Scott Jurek, how he started out and became one of the legends within the sport. An insight into the mindset and personality of a top athlete. This book is an informative story based book that covers training, races and lifestyle.

5: Chi Running, Danny Dreyer

Another book that you may not have come across although has sold millions worldwide. This book provides an interesting take on the bodies mobility and technique for injury prevention and maximum efficiency. Worth a read and full of useful information.

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