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30 minute Anywhere interval training session - no kit required

Here is a complete 30 minute full body high intensity interval training session for when you have no available equipment. This can be done in your bedroom, garden, hotel or wherever you find yourself needing a workout. Since it's designed to be utilised away from your normal routine and in ad-hoc scenarios it's intrinsically flexible. We have selected 10 main exercises and recommend doing 3 sets of each, however, this could easily be increased or reduced depending on time availability.

Warm Up

General warm up of at least 5 minutes, be sure to get the heart rate level elevated gradually so not to shock your body when undertaking the main set. Ensure all main muscle groups are engaged, this helps prepare them for the exercises to follow. Since your unlikely to have a gym at your disposal when undertaking this some running on the spot lifting you knees up or some star jumps maybe be a good place to start.

Main set

30-40 seconds full exercise with a 10-20 seconds rest between exercises, with a full minute between sets. Try increasing rest time if your not able to maintain maximum effort during the exercise period.

1: Jumping Squats - Try to have a soft controlled landing and not go too deep in the squat. Look for no more than a 90 degree bend in the knee and if your knee is wobbling on landing reduce your jump and depth of squat. Maintaining good form is more important than big and deep squats.

2: Plank - Press up position, but down on your elbows and forearms. Hands can be placed where comfortable and a straight back is a must. Engage your glutes and core to maintain this posture.

3: Press ups - Shoulder width apart, straight back and remember to go slowly on the down.

4: Backward lunges with half twist at bottom and knee raise on returning to upright position (do one set for each leg). When at the bottom of the lunge both legs should be approximately 90 degrees at the knee. Rotate your upper body over your front leg, return to centre and bring the rear leg up to the front and lift towards your chest. Repeat.

5: Hip raises - Lay on your back with legs and arms flat against the ground. Slide your feet towards you until the knee is bent to 90 degrees. Maintain this position and lift hips skyward, ensuring you engage your core and keep feet and hands firmly placed.

6: Supported back leg kicks - Lay on your back, raise your upper body (approx. halfway up) and tuck your elbows and forearms under and place hands on the lower torso (near your bum). Once in this position, with a slight bend, extend your legs (approx. head height). This prone position is hard enough but try to add in a small kick action, like you were swimming to make it harder.

7: Sumo squats - Like a standard squat but with a momentary balance on each leg. Squat, then as you come up distribute your weight over one leg and raise the other. Return to squat and repeat for other leg.

8: Side plank with rotation - Side plank, lay on your side and place your elbow directly under you shoulder, lift your body so that your upper half maintains a straight line to your feet. Once in this position stretch your free arm up towards the sky then rotate back under your body and reach behind you. Repeat.

9: Floor side flexions - On your back with legs bent to 90 degrees touch your heel with your hand, do this for alternate side at a steady speed.

10: Switch climbers - Press up position then move your right foot to outside of your right-hand and back. Change to left foot/hand and repeat. This should be done at a high tempo. An alternative is to touch your knee to the same elbow, slightly different but maybe less of a stretch for some. To make this harder try knee to opposite elbow.

Warm down and roll

Easy to ignore but this can have a massive impact on how your muscles recover. Take an additional few minute to stretch and roll the muscles that have been worked.

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